These portable generators are small enough for you to bring around to the job site or campsite; they can be moved around with just one person and are perfect for general purposes. They output standard AC power any anyone can hook them up and use them.

Item Day Week Month
2,500 Watt $32 $128 $384
7,000 Watt $79 $315 $945
9,700 Watt $100 $400 $1,200


These towable generators are used for providing considerable amounts of power; we are talking about large job sites or entertainment venues. They require very knowledgeable electricians to hook them up and how to use them properly. They are also so specialized pieces of equipment that we do rent them by the 8 hour day. For weekly and monthly rentals we will work with you to ensure the equipment is maintained properly according to your duty cycle.

Item Day Week Month
20,000 Watt $275 $1375 $3400
70,000 Watt $325 $1,925 $7,700
80,000 Watt $375 $2,100 $8,400