Equipment Rental

small_building-construction-building-site-constructingWhat Makes The Rental Center Different?

Local Experts: Get the right tool for the job

No Hour Meters: More work done

The Weekend Special: More Time, Less Money

We have a great selection of some of the most common tools and machinery you need around the construction site or around the yard. We have the specialized tools and equipment for the weekend warrior DIY homeowner to the seasoned contractor. When it doesn’t make sense to buy a tool for one or two jobs, rent it from the Rental Center. We have the knowledge and the equipment you need to get the job done right.

Want to know one of the best parts of renting equipment from The Rental Center? No hour meters! We have always found them to be rather annoying, when you rent something for a day, you want to be able to work all-day-long, and at The Rental Center you can! Our daily rentals are for a full 24 hours! Come check out some of the top equipment we have to offer…

Our Weekend Special is very simple and works out perfect for both of us. We deliver your digging machine/large equipment on Friday (whenever we get there) and we pick it up on Monday (whenever we get there). You are charged for a two day rental with delivery less $100 off the rental fee! We like doing this because it helps us with scheduling and you get the machine for certainly more than 48 hours and save some money too!

Our Equipment: