The Rental Center of Monticello Inc.
Has both small and large equipment. We have all those random tools that you only need once in a blue moon. Why buy a tool to use it once? Rent it!

Homeowners and Contractors
Will find what they are looking for here.

Differential Pricing
We have daily, weekly, and monthly pricing. We also have a Weekend Special for our Large Equipment.

In general the pricing scheme works as follows:

  • Daily Rental: Full 24 hours from pick-up to drop-off. (No hour meter!!!)
  • Weekly Rental: Pay for 4 days, keep it for 7 days
  • Monthly Rental: Pay for 3 Weeks, keep it for 4 weeks. (Pay for 12 days.)
  • Weekend Special: Call us for complete details - Perfect for the homeowner who has a big project to do!

Fuel Policies
For all gasoline machines you receive the fuel tank as is and you bring it back with the same amount of fuel. This does not apply to larger machines with tanks over 2 gallons, which much be brought back FULL.

For all DIESEL machines you will receive the machine full and you must return it back full.

All DIESEL machines will require a DIESEL DEPOSIT strictly for the fuel
The deposit will range from 75 to over 400 dollars depending on the machine. This is a necessity to protect both you and us from fraudulent activity. With fuel prices sky rocketing many machines may have tanks of fuel worth more than the rental itself. Some machines have over 100 gallon tanks, you can do the math.

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